Manufacturing Facilities

Composites Horizons (CHI) occupies four adjacent buildings totaling 161,000 sq. ft. (14,957 m2), in Covina, CA. The facilities are purpose-designed for the fabrication of composite structures and aerospace composites.

Building 1 is dedicated to fabrication and testing of our medical products and compression molding of our small polyimide structures. This building includes three autoclaves, five hydraulic presses and two clean rooms including an automated ply cutter. The machine shop includes CNC mills, routers, lathes, and a CNC water jet.

Building 2 houses two large clean rooms, one for polyimide and one for BMI and epoxy. The clean rooms include dedicated ply cutters and laser projection. There are three large autoclaves and hydraulic presses for polyimide, BMI, and epoxy processing.

Building 3 is used for large six-axis CNC machining, five-axis CNC machining, manual trim, Ultrasonic NDI, CMM, final assembly and inspection.

Building 4 is being prepared for production of high-temperature, ceramic matrix composites in support of current and future demand for products that can operate in temperature environments usually reserved for metals. It will have its own clean room, autoclaves, sintering furnaces and machining.

Composites Horizons 2015