High Temperature Composites

Composites Horizons (CHI) has been fabricating composite structures utilizing high-temperature composites since our inception. We have provided process development and flight hardware using virtually all commercialized high-temperature and aerospace composites. CHI is known as the premier development house for testing of new polymer systems.Our innovation is behind many of the current fabrication processes in use today across the industry. CHI has pioneered various tooling and optimized cure cycles for numerous polyimide systems as well as the fabrication of high-temperature composite structures for both military and commercial aircraft applications.High-temperature materials include PMR-15, AFR-PE4, MVK-14 for polymer composites (PMC’s).

CHI also develops and produces Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) parts for applications where temperatures are in the 1800°F range. The company provides ceramic oxide parts to both customer- specific formulations and in a proprietary arrangement with a key supplier of prepreg material for general use.

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